Biblionotes Manager - General Database
Welcome to the Bibliography & Notes Manager.  At Biblionotes we are hoping to bring together a collection of online references for easy and swift personal and public online access.

There are many commercial and some free sites, which collate references.  Biblionotes is unique as it is aimed to enable personal and individual collection of online bibliography and notes.  Interested individuals can have their personal space for references, which they can search, add, update or delete.  A general/specific search of all databases can be performed by others but cannot add, update or delete.  Please try the sample database (you can add, update or delelte in the Sample Database!).

You are very welcome to be part of Biblionotes and add to its collection for the benefit of others. If you are interested to have a personal Biblionotes, email me.

Would appreciate your comments and suggestions for improvement.

David Manohar (email)


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